Friday, November 5, 2010

Beautiful Start to November

November 1st started off as such a beautiful month!  Most importantly my sister gave birth to her first child, Greyden William Hockenberry, who was 6lbs 3oz,18 1/2 inches long, and healthy.  The icing in the cake is that he was born on my mom's birthday so Leah totally got out of buying her a present considering she gave her her first grandson on that day, wouldn't you say?!
Leah and her first baby!

Greyden William Hockenberry 11/1/10

In addition, I started a new job as an admission counselor for Vincennes University which I think I will really enjoy!  Right away I made my boss aware that I would have my phone attached to me on my first day because of Leah's impending labor.  The best part was that he was SO supportive that actually told me to get on a plane and start work in two weeks and that family comes first!  I, of course, stayed at work but was on high alert.  I don't think I retained anything from that first day :)  This first week has been so exciting/stressful with the new job and not being able to see my new nephew that I am just exhausted.  Not to mention Greg has been gone for over a week so I didn't have him here to share in the excitement/fear/stress/happiness of Greyden's birth and my new job.  I guess whatever I get through alone can only make me stronger!  Needless to say I am ready to take this weekend to recoup and relax.  Now that Greg is home I hope we can enjoy this weekend and get some together time...that is IF I can get him out of the woods!  Darn hunters anyway ;-)