Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What would I do with a little bit of me time???

Daycare.  I had dreaded that word since we first tried to take Addie to a babysitter when she was 3 months old.  She freaked out every time we dropped her off and would go on bottle strike.  I couldn't even imagine what daycare would be like!  All of the chaos of the other kids, new people, different schedule.  She was so used to it just being Greg and I so I had no clue what she would be like in a daycare situation.  I. was. terrified.  But I knew the day would come where we would have to give it a go, and that day was today.

Root canal, another word I dread, had entered my life and I had 2 subsequent dentist appointments for a cap because of it.  My appointment for my temporary cap was this morning, and I'm not sure if it was denial or what, but I had made no arrangements for Addie to be watched during this 1.5 hour appointment, not to mention the 45 min drive there and back.  Greg was busy ramping up for planting so him watching her was out of the question.  Something had to be done!  Then it hit me. Daycare.  DUN DUN DUUUUUNNNN.

I gave a call into the daycare, which is literally 2.5 miles from my home and on the same road that I live for goodness sake, to see if they had any openings for her to come in today, and to my surprise they did!  Or to my disdain...  I wasn't sure how I really felt about it.  I just pictured a full day of screaming and her protesting strangers picking her up, bottle strike, the works.  I hardly slept last night worrying about it.  But, I knew that the day had to come.  And being forced into taking her was probably the best way for it to happen, otherwise I would never take her.  I made the appointment for the drop at 7:30am, and prayed.

Around 8am (yes, yes, I forgot how long it actually takes to get all of her stuff ready and packed up) I made the drop, and to my surprise, she hardly even knew I left.  Heck, she hardly knew I even existed while I was still standing in the entryway going over her typical schedule.  Mommy had been reduced to chopped liver.  So, I left, without as much as a kiss from my sweet baby girl who was already distracted by the handsome 6 month old she was laying next to on the mat.

I ran a couple errands after my appointment, picked up a pizza, and met Greg at the house for a quick lunch before I went to get Addie.  When I called the daycare to see how she was doing, it turned out that she was just going down for a nap so they said they'd give me a call when she woke up.  Well, shit.  I had just hoovered my pizza in an effort to get to their fast and now I had about 2 hours on my hands.  Now what?!  There was SO much to get done around the house.  Food to be made, floors to be vacuumed, dusting, etc... What should I tackle first?!  My answer?  Another piece of pizza, enjoyed exxttrreeeeeeemely slowly while watching a half hour episode of bad reality TV, followed by a homemade thin mint blizzard.  Yup.  You read that right.  That's what I did with my little bit of me time.  Then my Mommy guilt hit me and I got my booty into gear and started my housework, but damn did that little bit of guilty pleasure feel goooooooood.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Happy Half-Birthday Addie!

Can you believe it?!  She's 6 months old already!  Half-way to the big number one!  I honestly don't know where the time went.  It's amazing to me how fast our days together go by and how much she learns and grows every day.  As much as I'm so excited for her to hit the next stage, a little part of me gets sad every time she does.  Those milestones only happen once, and when they do, the next big girl milestone is just around the corner.  This is what we've accomplished so far:

1. Addie is sitting up "like a big girl!"  She started being able to sit unassisted around 5 months of age.
2. Addie is rolling over back-to-tummy.  Thanks to my parents' surprise this weekend, Addie learned a TON of new things from Grandma, including this trick.
3. She's gotten the gift-of-the-gab.  Her favorite thing to say is "blah, blah, blah, blah" over and over, and you may hear an occasional "da-da" in there, though we know she has no clue she's even saying it.
4. Addie gives kisses!  (probably learned that from our little blond haired blue eyed neighbor boy, haha)  When Grandma and Grandpa went to leave, she leaned in and kissed my Dad on the cheek twice...then licked his cheek, LOL!
5.  She is laughing out loud and LOVES being tickled.
6. Playing in the bath is one of her favorite things.  She will splash like a maniac and her Daddy will take a squeeze toy and spray a little stream of water on her, which she'll try to block but can't quite figure out how.
7. She jumps for hours in her jumparoo.  My parents were like, "doesn't she ever get tired of jumping?!"  She is my little energizer bunny.  I am going to be SO screwed when she becomes mobile...

There is so much more and she learns new things every day!  Before I know it she'll be one and RUNNING! In the mean time, I'm going to soak up the last few weeks of the immobileness (yes, I made up another new word.  I understand if you don't want to use this one...) of my little pumpkin pie.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Those Lips are Hard to Resist...

Let me be honest with you all.  After almost 5 years of living here, we still have zero good friends outside of work.  Sounds sad, but in a reality, Greg and I were pretty okay with it.  It's not like we were putting a ton of effort into meeting people around our area.  That is until now.  Now that I am staying home with Addie for the majority of the days, I've realized that we need to get out!  So luckily, with our new move, we have new neighbors who are pretty much the most fabulous neighbors you could ever ask for.  They have shown me what it's like to be a great neighbor and I plan on passing it forward when we move again.  (Which is hopefully to a new house that we build in the near future...but that's another post.)

Let me give a quick example of how amazing these people are.  Greg left for Florida to help them plant for 10-14 days and my neighbor, who has 2 year old twins and is days from popping out her next baby, brings me dinner multiple times and invites us over for dinner as well.  Really? REALLY?!  I just kept thinking, and telling her, I should be the one bringing your family dinner!   However, without Greg here, I'll be honest, I have not cooked a single thing aside from a grocery bag full of sweet potatoes that I cooked up for Addie's food, to freeze, and I made a couple loaves of sweet potato bread with it.  But that is it.  So here I am, being the epitome of a slacker, and my almost-ready-to-pop neighbor who, let me remind you, has TWINS, is cooking and bringing me dinner.

Speaking of those twins, they are freakin adorable.  Their names are Chad and Jillian, the latter of the two they refer to as Jillie.  These two are obsessed with babies, especially Addie.  When Chad sees her he can't stop hugging her and trying to touch her eye...not so thrilled with the second move.  And Jillie?  She repeatedly says, "put baby down" so she can play with her.

Show me that pouty lip girlfriend!
The other day Carrie, yes my neighbor's name is Carrie...still not sure how she spells it though..hmm, invited us over to hang out for a bit but warned me that Chad had a runny nose and she wasn't sure if it was a cold or not.  I wasn't concerned though.  I had sheltered Addie for 5 1/2 months so far and it's about time she got out.  So we headed on over.  Jillie of course wanted to play with Addie so I held her in a standing position on the floor, and Chad, runny nose and all, wanted to keep hugging her.  We had to keep reminding him that he, "can't be in the baby's face because you'll scare her."  This, however, did not detour him and before I knew it, SMACK, he planted a big old smoocheroo right on her pouty Angelina Jolie lips.  (that is what my family and I lovingly refer to them as because they are huge) So much for sheltering Addie from being sick!  I was honestly a little jealous.  I mean, I am always so careful around her and am afraid to kiss her lips for fear of making her sick...and giving her the cavities...yes, yes, Mom and Leah are still mocking me about that one, and here was a sick two year old boy kissing her with all of the authority in the world!  Side Note: If you're curious about the relevance in my kissing=cavities claim, follow this link to read the MSNBC report for yourself.  So There! I was right!  (I'm not gloating....hehe)  I have to admit to, runny nose or not, it was probably one of the cutest things I've ever seen, though Addie didn't seem so sure about it.  It was her first kiss from a boy, other than her Daddy, after all!  So I gave in to the fact that Addie was probably going to get sick, and when we got home, I planted one on her lips too.  :-)

So now here I sit, Addie down for a nap, me gargling salt water, sipping hot tea, barely able to swallow, and being sicker than a dog.  And Addie?  She is snoughing, has a runny nose, runny eyes, and I just wonder if she is as sick as me.  Uh huh, you read that right, she is doing a combination of sneezing and coughing at the same time.  (Any royalties from the use of the word I just created can be sent directly to me.  Thank you.)  I am just praying that her snoughing and runny nose doesn't turn into a full-out sicker than a dog baby.  It's a tough price to pay for your first kiss.