Thursday, February 23, 2012

Happy Half-Birthday Addie!

Can you believe it?!  She's 6 months old already!  Half-way to the big number one!  I honestly don't know where the time went.  It's amazing to me how fast our days together go by and how much she learns and grows every day.  As much as I'm so excited for her to hit the next stage, a little part of me gets sad every time she does.  Those milestones only happen once, and when they do, the next big girl milestone is just around the corner.  This is what we've accomplished so far:

1. Addie is sitting up "like a big girl!"  She started being able to sit unassisted around 5 months of age.
2. Addie is rolling over back-to-tummy.  Thanks to my parents' surprise this weekend, Addie learned a TON of new things from Grandma, including this trick.
3. She's gotten the gift-of-the-gab.  Her favorite thing to say is "blah, blah, blah, blah" over and over, and you may hear an occasional "da-da" in there, though we know she has no clue she's even saying it.
4. Addie gives kisses!  (probably learned that from our little blond haired blue eyed neighbor boy, haha)  When Grandma and Grandpa went to leave, she leaned in and kissed my Dad on the cheek twice...then licked his cheek, LOL!
5.  She is laughing out loud and LOVES being tickled.
6. Playing in the bath is one of her favorite things.  She will splash like a maniac and her Daddy will take a squeeze toy and spray a little stream of water on her, which she'll try to block but can't quite figure out how.
7. She jumps for hours in her jumparoo.  My parents were like, "doesn't she ever get tired of jumping?!"  She is my little energizer bunny.  I am going to be SO screwed when she becomes mobile...

There is so much more and she learns new things every day!  Before I know it she'll be one and RUNNING! In the mean time, I'm going to soak up the last few weeks of the immobileness (yes, I made up another new word.  I understand if you don't want to use this one...) of my little pumpkin pie.

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