Thursday, September 23, 2010

Now What?!

Wow has posting been lacking...and by lacking I mean 5 months.  That's almost a half a year!  Is my life really that boring?  Unfortunately NOT so much.  Greg and I have had an awesome summer!  One of my closest friends got married, one of his closest friends got married, we've spent a TON of time in Michigan, and visited our family and friends often.  Most recently we went to Frankenmuth for Oktober Fest with my cousin Kim and her husband Michael.  Greg also traveled to their new farm in Nebraska, which I was excited for him to see because I've been being threatened to move there.....hmm....not so much.  He loved it but decided he'd leave that farm to other people and we would continue to grow and stabilize Indiana...but who knows what comes next?!?  Still job hunting, need to give up on finding the perfect job and just figure out a direction to go. I'm getting bored now that harvest is over and things are calming down around here.  Still writing songs and pursuing music.  I just LOVE singing :-)  I'll keep you posted on life as it comes!

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