Thursday, April 28, 2011

Week 23.5, The time has come.

At this time in my pregnancy I am officially over the halfway point and have only 115 days to go until we get to meet little Adelaide!  Yes, we have started the transition from Bobette to Adelaide now since we are 99.9% sure that is what we are going to name her.  (I'm sure she'll be grateful that Bobette isn't sticking, lol) Adelaide is actually a city in Australia, also known as the "city of churches", which I first visited with my family when they came to see me while I was studying abroad in AU.  Upon arrival I had this strange feeling that 'I was home' come over me.  It was so bizarre to think that I was halfway around the world, and I truly felt like I could've lived there my entire life.  It was such a beautiful city, right near the ocean, and I have never forgotten it or that feeling I got while I was there.  I loved it so much that when my Aunt Beth came to visit, I scheduled a visit there into our RV road trip for her to see it as well!  It wasn't until I had returned to the United States that I later learned that Adelaide is an old German name.  I immediately thought, "if I ever have a girl, that's what I'll name her!"  And it really does seem to fit her already.  Luckily for me, Greg loves the name too.  So now  the challenge is figuring out her middle name.  At any given point during the day I can guarantee that if you see me, I have a million middle names flying around my head that I'm trying out.  Let's hope we find one we like soon!

Now, since I am over halfway through my pregnancy, I realize that the time has come to start really taking care of the baby vessel, aka my body.  Since the beginning I've been bombarded with messages about exercising and how good it is for your labor and delivery.  I, however, am not a fan.  So I thought, how can I just ease into this?  After looking at many different websites, I've found that most suggest starting a walking regimen, preferable 30 min. every day, but doing it every other will suffice.  I thought, "I can do that!"  Well, apparently it's not just me that dislikes working out, but my body as well.  After just 3 days of light walking on a tread mill, I could no longer walk up stairs.  Pathetic, right?  That was during the first trimester though and, like I said, the time has come for me to give it another go.  Anything to help with a smoother labor and delivery is worth it I'm sure!  (I see another visit to the chiropractor in my near future....)

The other exercise that ALL websites say is a must is kegels...and let me just say that that is yet another thing I HATE doing.  TMI? :-)  I'm not sure why but to me they are the most uncomfortable things I've ever done.  I know, I know, it will help with the pushing process and recovery thereafter, however, I just can't get used to doing them.  And I can't help but think that every pregnant woman I see may be doing them at that very moment.  The websites make it sound so effortless!  Do it while you're standing in line in the grocery store, at a stop light, during your meetings...seriously?  How awkward is that?  Especially to know that all the other pregnant women around you are probably wondering, "is she doing kegels too?"  So next time you're standing by a pregnant woman...she just may be doing kegels...WEIRD right?!?!

I've also realized that the time has come to start wearing some of those maternity clothes I bought a month or so ago.  As my belly has grown in recent weeks, my wardrobe options have shrank significantly.  I'm still in most of my "normal" clothes but my morning dressing has become more of a chore as I have to go through multiple shirts to find one that fits well and is long enough to cover the maternity band since some start pretty low.  (Note to others who go to buy maternity pants: if you buy the pants with a nude colored full belly banded waist, make sure that the band doesn't start lower than your underwear line.  Otherwise, you're going to have problems...)  There have definitely been days that I have to keep making sure my shirt is pulled down enough so you can't see my hot pink thong peeking through the band.  How embarrassing.  I have a feeling that this summer, dresses and leggings will be my friend. :-)

23 weeks: This would be one of the shirts that
need to be retired pretty soon.  As you can
see, my photographer (aka Greg) is slacking
in the picture taking department, so I have to
do the good ole mirror shot.

23.5 Week Check-In

Weight Gain: 9 pounds
Showing: I have a basketball growing in my abdomen, in case any of you were wondering...
Cravings:  So I may have faked an incurable a pizza craving last night. 
Innie or Outie Belly Button?: Innie
Stretch Marks: Not yet, thank goodness!
Maternity Clothes: I throw them in here or there.  I really need to go through my closet though to eliminate any clothes that no longer fit.
Favorite Moment This Week: Seeing my friends at Beth's wedding and seeing my family during Easter!  Also watching my mom's face, then subsequent teary eyes, the first time she felt Addie give a good kick.
Most Looking Forward To: Figuring out Addie's middle name, it's killing me!

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  1. Looking good Kerry! I love the name and the story that goes along with it!