Saturday, June 18, 2011


Wow has it been a long time since I've posted about Adelaide!  First of all, the Walther family is doing great!  Nesting instincts have kicked into overdrive, for me at least, and I've been going to town getting things ready around the house.  Her crib is being put together this weekend, the mattress is on its way, and the wall decorations are being shipped!  I have been trying to put off putting the crib together because I know once I see it every night, since it will be in our room, I won't be able to contain my excitement.  Now don't get me wrong, a couple Thursdays ago at my doctor's appointment when he told me I had 10 weeks left, I still almost fainted from fear, but there's definitely more excitement than fear now as her due date draws nearer. 

As my bowling ball belly has quickly grown into a basketball, I am feeling the pressure to get things done.  Nine trash bags later, and a few trips to good will, our upstairs office is slowly being transformed into another bedroom, just in case we are still in our current house (fingers crossed we aren't) when we decide to move Addie into her own room. Another major hurdle crossed? Child birthing/child care class has been completed. One full Saturday and I am now even more aware of the scariness joy of the birthing process. Let me tell you, when your instructor says that the video is graphic, she is NOT kidding. Once again that look of horror crossed over my face as each subsequent birth story was shown.  My husband, on the other hand, was smiling like a little school girl while exclaiming, "that's going to be you soon!"  Can you tell he's excited to meet his little girl???

We also finished our Lactation Class which was actually pretty informative. And, can I add that mom's milk really does do a body good! (too much?) Anyway, we learned that not only does breastfeeding boost our babies immunity, but it also reduces the risk of childhood obesity, type 2 diabetes, . It's also good for mom too! It reduces the risk for certain cancers and helps mom loose her baby weight faster, amongst other things.  It's a win-win, that is IF we can get her to breastfeed.  Wow have I heard some horror stories lately...  Fingers crossed that breastfeeding goes smoothly as well!

By now I'm fully in maternity clothes and am actually finding them quite comfortable now that my belly is quite "large and in charge."  (I seriously can't imagine that I have 9 more weeks of growing; they MUST have calculated her due date wrong)  The only problem is that I had some issues shopping for my summer attire.  While I typically wear cute little shorts, I just didn't feel it was appropriate as a pregnant woman.  (plus you look really funny and off-balance with short shorts and a pregnant belly, trust me, I tried)  However, the maternity summer shorts that are available, at least where I shopped, were, how do you say, laughable?  I took Greg with me thinking that it would help to have a second opinion when it came to picking out my summer wardrobe, and he did help, it was just slightly humiliating at the same time.  I have figured out that there is definitely a reason I wear shorter shorts, the longer ones make me look like an idiot.  Yes, Greg did laugh a couple of times (trust me, it was warranted) as I tried on some pairs.  Some came just above the knee, some hit mid-to-low thigh, all looked ridiculous. I just don't have the legs for it.  I bought some out of desperation and after trying to wear them with an outfit one day, realized that Greg was not kidding when he told me they just didn't look right, and thus promptly returned them.  On a good note, I've found that some old flowy skirts that I have held onto for years and some cotton dresses still fit!  Yay!

On a really exciting note, Jan threw us our first baby shower last weekend at an adorable Bed and Breakfast in Caro, MI.  All of the women on Greg's side were invited and it couldn't have been more perfect!  What made it so special was that it was small and intimate so I got a chance to speak to everyone and catch up.  In addition, the location that Jan picked couldn't have been cuter!  Ever since she told me about it I've been so excited in anticipation.  And let me tell you, talk about amazing food.  They had chicken salad croissants with fruit, and for dessert, homemade strawberry shortcake with homemade whipped topping.  Can you say heavenly???  We got SO many adorable things too!!!  I can't wait to organize everything (I am such a dork) and set up her room!!!  Seeing all of her things in our house is making it WAY more real now!

27 Weeks

31 Weeks-is it me or
does my belly looky pointy?
Week 31 Check-In

Weight Gain: 11.5 pounds  
Cravings:  So a few weeks ago I think I finally may have had my first true craving...Busch's beans.  Yup, you read that right.  I couldn't get my mind off of their canned vegetarian baked I finally bought them...and ate them...straight out of the can...  So humiliating to admit, but that's what happened.  I've also developed a strange affection for chocolate, and I'm usually just a sugar candy girl.  I definitely indulged in some leftover chocolate the spoonful...Mmmm.
Innie or Outie Belly Button?: It still keeps popping in and out!  Most days it's in, but when I'm bloated or have to pee really bad, it's way out there.  Oh, and when I laugh it pops out.  I just don't think this is normal..
Stretch Marks: Nope
Nursery Preparations:  With all of our new nursery items from the shower I'm really going to be able to make some headway on this one!  Hopefully I'll have pics soon.
Most Looking Forward To:  The 4th of July weekend!  Seeing Leah, Kev, & Grey, and my baby shower for my side of the family!
Favorite Moment This Week: Without a doubt, my  baby shower :)  I love all of the cute things people bought for Addie! And of course seeing my friends at Andrea's wedding this past weekend was amazing!!

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