Saturday, July 9, 2011

Week 34-Bring on the Belly

This last week has been absolutely amazing!  On top of spending a ton of time with my family and 8 month old nephew, I got to see a ton of friends from high school at a classmate's wedding.  In addition, my Mom and Sister threw me the most fabulous baby shower!  It was such a beautiful day and it was SO wonderful having everyone there to support Addie and I and help us prepare for her arrival.  We received so many generous and extremely thoughtful and creative gifts, and I can't wait to get her in all of the adorable outfits!  Leah and my mom had people write out notes of advice, wisdom, and encouraging thoughts that I will forever cherish.  I already know that the days when it seems tough and I'm pulling my hair out, those notes will help get me through.  It truly was such a special occasion and couldn't have been a better beginning to the weekend!

The Fourth of July is without a doubt my family's favorite holiday.  Every year we hang out all weekend and family and friends bring their RVs and campers and stay overnight.  One night is always capped off with an amazing firework show, courtesy of my Uncle Jeff, and my Dad's grill never, and I mean NEVER, stops going.  He even grills breakfast at least once during the weekend.  (p.s. If you have never experienced my Dad's grilling, whether it be breakfast, lunch, dinner, or fourth meal...or fifth meal at that, you are missing out and you NEED to plan on attending our 4th of July celebration next year. I'll get off of my soap box now.)  One night I believe he was even cooking hot wings, chicken, and steak until 2:30am.  Can you say amazing?  Though most people can't fathom eating such hearty food that late, let me just tell you, we train people well and pretty soon you'll be joining in too.  Bonfires are had and there is a ton of relaxing, catching up, and great food.

This year was particularly special because we had some new additions to our celebration!  We were blessed with the presence of Greyden (my 8 month old nephew), Jacob, Bryson, and Alana.  All of whom are under a year old.  Holding and playing with all of these cuties made me SO anxious to hold Addie....only 6.5 weeks left!!!!!!!!!!!!  (I can't believe it!!!)
Nikki with Bryson, Katie with Alana, Leah with Greyden
I mean really, HOW CUTE?! ?!

Speaking of having 6.5 weeks left, I am blowing up even more rapidly than ever before.  Apparently Addie is now supposed to be gaining about a 1/2 lb a week, and I feel every bit of it.  In addition,  heat + ever expanding belly=tiredness.  I just don't have as much oomph as I used to!  I seriously have to push myself through my household duties without allowing myself to rest or else I'll never get back up.  I just don't remember what it was like to be able to accomplish all of these tasks with ease!  And I know once the baby actually comes, it'll be 100% harder than it is now.  Needless to say, I'm currently in the process of recruiting Greg to help with some of the chores and am toying with the idea of making a chore checklist.....  Anyone think he'll actually go for it?!? (now don't get me wrong, he does help out a lot, I just need a little more consistency for my sanity's sake)  I know, I know, wishful thinking, but I may just give it a go.  You don't know unless you try, right?!

Recently I'm not only tired but I'm also ridiculously clumsy.  I'm not sure if it's my big belly or my baby brain or both but I can hardly keep it together.  I am more of a liability in the kitchen than what I'm worth, trust me, my mom and sister will vouch for that.  During the course of helping prep food for the weekend I managed to nail myself in the chest with a flying strawberry, mess up the pineapple salsa recipe not once, but twice, and anything I could drop or splatter, I did.  When it comes to common sense cooking in the kitchen, you might as well count me out for that too.  I have to read, and then re-read, recipes over and over, and even then I still manage to screw them up.  I'm hoping that it's just because I have SO much on my mind and once I'm not pregnant anymore that I'll get my brain back.  Wishful thinking?

Ay yay yay...Holy Belly here we come!
Week 34 Check-In

Weight Gain: 14.5 pounds  
Cravings: Nothing recently.  I just can't eat a lot because of heartburn, and heavy foods turn me off.  I prefer cold things like popsicles and watermelon...Mmmmm
Innie or Outie Belly Button?: Oh for SURE an outie now.
Stretch Marks: Not yet!  Knock on wood...
Nursery Preparations:  The room itself is set up, I'm plan on washing sheets etc. on Sunday
Most Looking Forward To:  Our 36 week ultrasound on July 21st!  That's when we'll find out her placement, about how big she'll be, and see what she looks like.  Gotta love 3D ultrasounds :)  I kinda don't want to spoil the surprise of seeing her for the first time at the hospital, but at the same time, my impatience/excitement is getting the best of me...
Favorite Moment This Week: Of course, as stated above, my baby shower and seeing all of my family and friends!  Playing and hanging out with Greyden has to be the highlight though.  Life is good :)

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