Saturday, July 23, 2011

Week 35.5: A New Perspective & Priorities

As the reality of having a baby continues to sink in, I've noticed that I've taken on a whole new perspective on many things in my daily life.  Whether it be my choice of clothing, what items I purchase, food choices, etc.  It seems that everything comes back to Addie.  For example, Every outfit I wear I wonder, "is this mom appropriate?"  (Sadly I have gotten rid of about 1/4 of my clothes because of this question...)  Now don't get me wrong, I don't want to be frumpy, but tube tops and plaid skirts from college that I had held onto just in case they would someday make it into a Halloween costume ensemble had to go.

When I purchase ANY item for the house I think, could Addie hurt herself on this?  That goes for every item currently residing in the house as well.  And, considering that her Father's nickname as a little boy was "tank" because he would ram his head into EVERYTHING, this is a valid concern.  In addition I need the space for all of Addie's fun baby stuff so anything that isn't a necessity is out.

My attitude about food and beverages has followed suit as well. For example, the other day I made Jell-O just for the sake of wanting Jell-O and NOT for the sake of making Jell-O shots.  I haven't made Jell-O without alcohol since my college days...  Is that bad..?  Then, when I was getting ready to head up north for the 4th of July, all I focused on was the food I was bringing.  I used to be thinking about what fun new mixed drink I was going to be making but now all I worry about is if I have my 3 stainless steel water bottles.  Then once I'm at the party, my focus goes back to food.  Oh, and having the word "light" in front of any food item I buy is not acceptable.  I know, I know, getting light is probably healthier, but seriously deep down you know that original is the best.

Our nightly life around the house is starting to change too.  My cats are currently in the process of being demoted from sleeping on our bed to sleeping outside of our room completely.  Yeah, that's a tough one.  I'm weaning them off by allowing them in the room every other night.  For those of you who have never met my cats and are wondering what the harm is of having them in the room with the crib, allow me to explain..  One is 20.2 lbs and the other is 17.6 lbs.  Now, I doubt the 20 lb one would be able to haul his happy @$$ over the side of the crib, however, the 17 lb one has some ups.  The fear of them cuddling too close to baby's head, or sitting on it like they do with Greg, is a real and possible danger.  Therefore, no more cats in the bedroom.

All in all, things are changing, I'd say, for the better around the Walther household.  Our lifestyles are healthier, our happiness levels are higher, and our love stronger.  Just in time for our little baby girl to arrive.  4.5 weeks and counting!

This pic was taken on Monday and I already
feel twice as big today...haha
Week 35.5 Check-In

Weight Gain: 14.5 lbs, still.. (that just goes to show just how much we really do eat over the fourth of July bc I weighed the same when I got back from that weekend, lol)
Cravings: Nothing recently.  Well I've been wanting a lemon lime slushy from Dairy Queen so I finally got one, with soft serve down the middle...delicious
Innie or Outie Belly Button?: I think I can take this one off because I'm not sure if it'll ever retract now..  It looks like a bulls eye through all of my clothes..
Stretch Marks: Negative
Fetal Movement: Addie has been having hiccups!  She's still quite active and really likes to push her butt and/or legs up under my left ribs...ouch!
Contractions: Not so much yet.  I may have had a few Braxton Hicks but I'm still questioning it..
Swelling/Varicose Veins/Linea Nigra:  Swelling has commenced...sometimes my toes look like little sausages...  VV-not yet.  LN-not yet 
Nursery Preparations: Room is almost complete and most items are put in their respective locations!
What I miss:  Being able to get ready without trying on 3 outfits because certain pieces don't fit anymore..
Most Looking Forward To:  Her birth! Let's be honest here people!!
Favorite Moment This Week: Her 36 week ultrasound appointment!  More to come on that in my next blog

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  1. 1) It never occurred to me to get rid of my clothes. In fact, I just wore a tube top last week, albeit over a bathing suit. And when I say bathing suit, I mean bikini. I'm aiming for MILF here.

    2) Being as you tried to give Greyden a plastic water bottle cap to play with while we were in Michigan over the 4th, I think it is a very good idea that you inventory your house for non-baby safe/dangerous items. Seriously.