Friday, August 19, 2011

Week 39.5-Peeing is Believing

These last four weeks of pregnancy have really opened my eyes to see that all of the cliche things you hear people experience during pregnancy really do happen.  For example, I pee literally 20 times a day.  I will use the bathroom, then turn right around and use it again 2 minutes later, and sometimes, I will use it again in another minute.  It. is. insane.  The back pain people talk about is also not a lie.  It happens, and it hurts.  I have found that an average of 5 pillows is what you need in order to situate yourself comfortably on the couch or in bed.  They get wedged EVERYWHERE.  Then the swelling...  I remember my sister posting a blog titled, "I make cankles look good."  Well, I have news, I DON'T make cankles look good.  I literally feel like I have a water balloon in my right ankle, the one I previously had surgery on.  No amount of time with my feet in the air seems to help either.  It's really not a great look. With only 4 days left until her due date, I am more ready than ever to have her.

I do, however, have to take some of the blame for my body's bad shape at the moment because I just will NOT slow down.  My list of last minute things I'd like to accomplish just keeps growing with every item I cross off.  I have made tons of freezer meals since we live in the boonies, can't order take out, and the grocery store is far away.  I also keep cleaning obsessively and compulsively because I go to bed every night thinking she may come tonight, and heaven forbid the bathroom sink doesn't sparkle when I bring her home!  Just to give you an example of how crazy I really am, here's a breakdown of yesterday...  After a hectic day at work, I grocery shopped, got home and made a double batch of homemade blue moon ice cream since you can't buy it anywhere else but MI and WI, I swear, made German chocolate cake cookies for Greg's bday, then was informed that we would be having 2 of his brothers, his dad, and friend Chris over for grilling so a taco salad was also needed to be made, then I took the other 4 pounds of burger leftover from the salad and seasoned and formed it into patties and froze for easy grilling later on, then cleanup of the kitchen, not to mention all of the little things I managed to fit in between while cookies were baking etc.  Finally I sat down crashed at 10:30pm.  Seriously.  I. AM. CRAZY.  So, like I said, I probably can't complain too much about the aches and pains of the last couple weeks of pregnancy because I'm sure a lot of it is self-inflicted.

I never did update anyone on how my last ultrasound went!  At 35.5 weeks she was 5.7 lbs and the doctor projected her to be about 7-7.5 lbs on her due date.  I, however, project her to be 8.2 lbs.  As of today I am 1cm dilated and have scheduled an induction date for the Tuesday after her due date, if she makes it that long, fingers crossed she doesn't!  Everything is still going well.  She has a healthy heartbeat and is still wiggling around in my belly.  I have been experiencing a lot of contractions lately and had actually thought I may be going into labor a couple Sundays ago.  I was having contractions for a couple hours straight that were getting harder and longer, but they eventually subsided.  The contractions feel like nothing I have ever felt before.  Sometimes they start low with almost like a spasm feeling then radiate outward and up.  Then my belly gets rock hard and I feel a TON of pressure.  Other times my belly just squeezes hard sporadically.  Needless to say, I'm still waiting for the real deal contractions to come closer and stronger signalling that it's time.  I know a lot of people think about the water breaking being the real signal that of labor, I have since learned that only about 10-15% of women's water actually breaks on its own.  Interesting, huh?  I'm not taking chances though and am making sure to have a little extra protection "down there" just in case it decides to break in public... :)

Thank goodness Addie held out last weekend because Greg and I had a fun day/night planned in Indianapolis to celebrate his birthday, our anniversary, and one of our last weekends with just him and I.  We started the day in the early AM with breakfast and shopping, followed by checking in early at The Conrad luxury hotel downtown Indianapolis to get a bit of relaxing in before lunch.  Headed to Rockbottom brewery for lunch, then off to the day spa where we both got massages, mine a prenatal of course.  I tell you what, I forgot how good it feels to be able to lay on my belly!  Thank goodness for massage tables with pull out sections!  I highly recommend this for any mother-to-be, by the way.  Anyway, following that we went to an amazing steakhouse where we were served steak diane, table side, and they brought Greg the most amazing and ginormous piece of carrot cake for his birthday.  The night ended with a trip to the comedy club and we were back in our room and ready for bed by 10:30pm.  We are so old.  :)  I tell you what, to all of my friends who are expecting, take advantage of one of the last few weekends you have as just the two of you and spend some quality time together.  Most importantly, go all out!!  We are so glad we did!

Pretty sure my turkey timer has popped!

Week 39.5 Check-In

Weight Gain: 16 lbs
Cravings: Food in general because now that she's "dropped" I finally have room in my belly to eat comfortably again!  WOO HOO!
Innie or Outie Belly Button?: Refer to turkey timer popping.
Stretch Marks: Nope, I think I'm home free!
Fetal Movement: She's still rocking and rolling, but as she's running out of space, she pokes out more than kicks/hard jabs.
Contractions: Yes!  Had a scare a couple Sundays ago, thought it was progressing to the real thing, but it subsided.  
Swelling/Varicose Veins/Linea Nigra:  My right ankle looks like it did when I broke it on the trampoline. Ew. No veins or linea nigra, but my birth mark on my belly has doubled in size, haha.
Nursery Preparations: All we need is our little Adelaide to make it complete!
What I miss:  Being able to squeeze through tight spaces.  Sometimes I forget about the belly and get stuck...
Most Looking Forward To:  Having her!  She is due the 21st, but if she's not here by then we'll be inducing and having her on the 23rd :-D
Favorite Moment This Week: When I realized that by this time next week I will have my little girl in my arms 

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