Monday, March 22, 2010

Tators in Sullivan County

When I visited my husband Greg in the field the other day there was a photographer there taking pictures of them planting potatoes. I didn't ask questions but just gave the guys the the snack I had made for them (hot dogs stuffed with cheese and baked in a crescent roll) and went on my way. To my surprise Greg brought me a Sullivan County newspaper this morning with a picture of him holding seed on the front cover.

Apparently farming potatoes in this area isn't common and the newspaper was writing a story about the Walther Family Farm. It was really exciting to read the article and it was a really proud moment for Greg I'm sure. The only unfortunate part about it was that his hairdresser (me) hasn't given him a hair cut in over a month and, well, he looks a bit young in the picture :)

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