Thursday, March 3, 2011

Heartbeat Strong!

Happy Birthday to me, babies heartbeat is strong, 150.  My doctor said that between 120 and 160 is a good heart rate and that it slows as you get closer to the third trimester.  I've realized that I really do need these little signs of life in order to keep making it real that I'm pregnant, though the belly growth is helping.  Apparently I will begin to feel the baby move between 16-22 weeks, but more than likely between 18-20 weeks.  I've heard that it may feel like the butterflies in your belly, gas (what do you know, more gas), a pop feeling, or any combination of these.  Most new mommies don't recognize the movements so I have a feeling that I'm going to be spending many evenings sitting still trying to notice the movements.

We have our ultrasound date to find out the gender scheduled for March 29th, and I don't think it could come any faster.  We've waffled back and fourth on whether or not to find out the gender but truthfully, with this being our first, I want to be as mentally prepared as possible for him or her.  And, not gonna lie, I can't wait to start picking out Bob's things!

Mommies health seems to be on track too.  My blood pressure is pretty low, 90 over 70 something, which the doctor said is normal.  The lightheadedness gets to me when I stand for too long or get up to fast, or bend over, or, well I'm kinda always lightheaded.  Which may be contributing to my lack of concentration and ability to remember things.  My poor husband keeps having to explain simple driving directions to me over and over, and then I will have him draw me a map, then I forget the map, and then have to call him and have him explain them to me again, very slowly this time, and then explain them again, until he's so frustrated he can hardly stand it.  What really stinks about this is that I'm normally really good with directions, so Greg's frustration frustrates me and then, WAIT, don't stress!  Bob doesn't like Stress!...It's really a vicious cycle.  I believe this is what is know as pregnancy brain.  And anyone who doesn't believe it exists is WRONG.

I'm updating my check-in again because it seems that I was a bit off on a few things :-)

15.5 Week Check-In
Weight Gain: By afternoon it was about 5 pounds, which is apparently right on track.  I have had a voracious appetite that can't be satisfied and I feel like I've been eating 24/7 for the past few couple.
Cravings: I can't get enough salads or blueberries, and it's been that way for over a week now!  Though candy is a close second and, for those who know me well, I'm sure this comes as no surprise. =DShowing: See picture :-)
Maternity Clothes: nope, but my sis is sending me her Bella Band which will hopefully make my current wardrobe last a bit longer.
Favorite Moment This Week: Hearing Bob's heartbeat!
Most Looking Forward To: Getting the crib in that I ordered, it should come this week!!!  Hopefully the assembly instructions aren't too confusing because we already know that Mom's baby brain will not be able to tackle it.  I have a feeling Dad will want to take on that manly task anyway though.

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