Friday, March 25, 2011

"Stop Squishing Bob" and other weird anomalies of a pregnant woman

As my bump, and other things, have continued to grow, I've noticed more of a connection to the little human developing inside of me.  (sorry, that sounds kinda creepy)  I've noticed an ever-growing connection for the beautiful fetus, little being, bob, hmm, ok, well however you say it is seems to sound creepy, so let's continue.  It seems that as I have grown more fond, so has my husband.  When I'm traveling he still requests updated pictures of Bob, ie my bump, regularly and one of the first things out of his mouth when I talk to him on the phone is, "how is Bob doing today?"  To which I always answer, "Good!"  However, Lord only knows how the baby really is, all I know is that I'm feeling good, so I figure that translates to Bob as well.

Recently this fondness for Bob on Greg's part has also grown into somewhat of a protective role.  While I'm doing dishes he may come up behind me and pull me toward him and away from the edge of the counter for a light hug while lovingly saying, "don't squish Bob."  ...Really?  You think I can squish this thing?  It continues from there.  If my 18 pound cat jumps up on my lap/stomach Greg will walk over and pick him up to "cuddle" him, and then set drop him on the floor....across the room from me.  (ok my cat may really squish Bob but that's beside the point)  Long story short, most things I do causes Greg some concern for our unborn child.  How much candy I eat, what type of food I eat, how much sleep I'm getting, etc.  Which you'd think is a great thing!  Look how much he cares already.  However, I feel like I'm the devil on my shoulder and Greg is the angel whenever I do get the urge to indulge.  Not that he's worried at all about my weight or well-being, just Bob.

Another new and different thing happened when I was working an event a few weekends ago for the university.  I noticed all day that I would catch people not looking at my face but below it. I had a lower cut V-neck sweater on and kept thinking that I must have something on my chest or neck.  When I checked and noticed that nothing was there, I thought that maybe they were looking at the little red bumps that had broken out on my chest, however they were barely noticeable.  Completely puzzled I decided to just ignore it and go on with my day.  When I got home I mentioned it to Greg and asked him if there was something on my chest or if he noticed the bumps.  He very politely responded, "hunny, they are looking at your chest."  DUH!  Not that I am boobilicious or anything but there's more going on there than ever before and I'd never really experienced that.  Naive much?!

And the last pregnant anomaly, the "beer gut".  I've noticed since the "chest" incident that now I have people taking a double look at my belly more so.  I'm to that uncomfortable in between stage of not quite looking pregnant and looking like white trash who enjoys one-too-many brewhas every night.  To illustrate I did take a picture on Tuesday so you all could see what I'm working with here.  And my lovely brother-in-laws have confirmed that it does indeed look like a beer gut.  They're so helpful, aren't they?
Another self portrait at a hotel. It never does stop feeling odd.

In the dressing room at Motherhood Maternity
trying on clothes with a practice bump

18.5 Week Check-In
Weight Gain: 6 pounds
Showing: Refer to "beer gut" portion on the post
Innie or Outie Belly Button?: Still Innie! 
Maternity Clothes: Though I haven't worn them, while in Fort Wayne I did pick up some essentials such as jeans, work pants, a couple shirts, khakis, and black crop leggings.  You never know when you're gonna pop!
Favorite Moment This Week: Feeling some movement!  I was at my hotel reading in bed Sunday night when I felt a weird feeling, like gas or pressure very low in my abdomen.  It was pretty quick.  It was like nothing I'd ever felt before!  I've since felt it about once a day while I'm relaxing at night.
Most Looking Forward To: Tues when we find out the sex of the baby!  4 days to go!  Not that I'm counting... ;-)

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