Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bobette it is!!!

Well the day finally came when we got to figure out the gender of our baby!  The anticipation was killing both of us but on our way to the doctor's office Tuesday morning, I still totally felt like it was going to be a boy, so I wasn't really excited.  I felt like I already knew!

As we patiently waited almost an hour to see the doctor, I contemplated my impending reaction to either sex.  I wasn't sure how I felt either way about the gender.  To be honest, neither Greg nor I had a preference for the gender, we just both wanted a healthy baby.

As the doctor was pushing the handheld ultrasound monitor around my belly, and subsequently almost pushing the pee out of my full bladder, I noticed that we weren't seeing anything in between its' legs.  She seemed to have her legs closed and was not willing to give us a good look, however, I just had a feeling about it...  I peered behind me at Greg and mouthed, "I think it's a girl."  He mouthed back, "me too."  It wasn't until about 15 minutes in that we got a good shot of her little bottom and sure enough, no penis!  The doctor said that we definitely had a little girl on our way!!!

Now, I pause this cute little story to tell you the most disturbing thing that the doctor ever could have said to me...  And I quote, "Now here are the lips of her vagina."  WHAT?!?!?!  No mom-to-be wants to hear the word VAGINA when she is getting only her second look at her innocent little girl.  MY baby girl will NOT have a a VAGINA!  I hate to say it but if it were a little penis we were seeing on the screen I KNOW my reaction would've been totally different.  It would have been more like, awe, look at the cute little penis!  And I probably wouldn't have been able to resist posting a picture of the ultrasound showing he was a boy on both my facebook page and blog.  However, since our doctor was mistaken about our little girl having a v-word, there will be no pictures posted to verify to you all that we are indeed having a little girl.  So just so the world knows, we are having a little girl but the V-word will no longer be used in the same sentence as her nor at any time around her.  The end.

Now that I got that out, back to all of the fun stuff!  After all the measurements were taken and he recalculated her due date, we discovered that she is right on track on her growth and still set to be born 8-21-2011.  She currently weighs just 9oz but will be right on track to be 7- 7.5 pounds by birth.  If she comes a week early she'll be about a half pound less, and if she comes a week later, she'll be about 1 pound more.  Needless to say I'm praying for an on-time birth.  I cringe at the thought of having an 8-8.5 pound baby come out of my V-word.
Our Little Girl's face with her hand in front of it.
This was taken Sunday morning and I feel like
I've doubled in size since then! Haha

19 Week Check-In

Weight Gain: 7 pounds
Showing: It's pretty obvious now that I'm having a baby, in my opinion anyway.  My bump has grown quite a bit in the last couple of days even.
Cravings:  Not really.  I'm not sure if it's that I'm really good at taking vitamins, calcium, and eating a well-rounded diet or what but I haven't really had any real pregnancy cravings.  I'm kinda bummed about that, not gonna lie, but there's still time. :-D
Innie or Outie Belly Button?: Innie, but poking out slightly at the top...
Maternity Clothes: Still not yet.  I am down to about 4 pairs of work pants that I can wear and today I am actually wearing the "bella band" that Leah sent to me so I can leave my pants unbuttoned.  Genius idea I must say.
Favorite Moment This Week: Of course finding out the gender of our baby!
Most Looking Forward To: Picking out all of the baby stuff for her!  It feels so much more real now that we know she's a girl!  So excited!!!


  1. Kerry, the v-word section made me laugh sooo hard! You are hilarious!

    Kari :)

  2. 1-Grandson(Texas) + 1-Granddaughter = A very HAPPY Grandma and Grandpa!!!! So excited for you!